Making a Real Difference in PNG

The Barter Family have always endeavoured to assist the people of PNG in the remote areas visited by our vessels, by leaving behind a tangible, practical legacy. 

This has resulted in the provision of more than 25,000 double school desks, educational and health services, including rural clinics and educational books and other assistance with the preservation of these unique cultures. The prime funding of the foundation comes from MTS, with the crew of MTS vessels willingly contributing 50% of gratuities received. Many of our clients have also donated towards the Foundation as a means of thanking the people with tangible benefits.

The Melanesian Foundation has been recognized as one of the best examples of sustainable tourism development in the Pacific Region and is one of the reasons why our guests are continually made so welcome in the places we visit.

The Melanesian Foundation is based in Madang, professionally managed with a Board of Directors and is a registered non profit NGO committed to humanitarian work throughout PNG.

The most recent projects include the purchase of an X-Ray Machine and cost of providing a new roof for the Lutheran operated Gaubin Hospital on Kar Kar Island at a total cost of K350,000.00.  Apart from funding from the Foundation, additional funds were received from the Diver Family in Australia, the Middleton Family on Kar Kar, Kumung Family, the congregation at the Lutheran Mmeorial Church in Madang and the PNG  Sustainable development Corporation.

In June, Sir Peter used the Foundation helicopter to fly the Acting Prime Minister, Hon Sam Abal and Sir Arnold Amet to the Middle Ramu to seek funding to open roads to serve the people at Josephstaal and allow a large Australian funded health project to proceed operated by the Catholic Health Services.

The Melanesian Foundation also funded the Hagahai Health Centre at Mamuse in the borders of Madang, Western Highlands, Sepik and Enga Provinces.  This project is now open and fully operational under the management of Benjamin Ngangai whos education was paid for by the Melanesian Foundation.

Last updated Jun 2 2011